Yep it’s that time again, that one day of the year when you show just how much you love your significant other by buying as many stuffed animals, dead flowers and other nonsensical items that your specially set aside Valentine’s Day budget of £20 can stretch to in your nearest supermarket.

Just in case you had any doubts I do indeed think its a pointless day, however I won’t bore you by waxing lyrical about how if you truly cared you would show your love everyday or go on a self righteous rant about Clinton’s being a big greedy commercial giant.

To be honest I’m sick of the ‘Anti Valentine’s’ brigade.

Of course like them I don’t understand the significance of giving bits of metal, false fur, helium filled latex, card and other junk yard crap to show my affections, my stinginess makes me shudder at the thought of forking out for such a crude way of expressing sentiment: three quid’s worth of petrol station flowers and a battered box of Thornton’s chocolates hardly screams unconditional love. In fact any logical, religious or personal reasons for not liking it are fine by me.

What I find irritating are the celebrators of ‘Anti-Valentine’s’ day, the people who prove just how much they loathe the commercialism of Valentine’s Day by spending money on merchandise for an equally if not more ridiculous concept.

It reminds me of my secondary school days when the uber original emos would sit alone, over time forming a collection of individuals that grew into a large group who were connected by the ironic commonality of being individual.

In both cases the end result is the same; they defeat their own cause by trying to prove they are a part of it to other people, whilst also managing to convince themselves their widely held viewpoint is actually original.

So moan all you want Anti-Valentiners, buy as many bitter cards as your heart desires just don’t kid yourself into thinking that you are above those who do celebrate Valentines Day. Either way your hard-earned cash will end up in the eager hands of one those faceless card-making corporations that you despise so much, it’s simply of case of choosing which one.

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